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TTCP s.r.o.
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Project Management

For our clients or partners we provide services according to their specific business needs. Our services include project design and project management. Our professionals have wide range of experience in delivering business solution, that lead to our customer’s satisfaction.


Our company is a reliable, dynamic a experienced partner that helps you to achive your business goals. Our outsourcing services are always tailored to specific client\'s needs. If you choose TTCP, you will get an optimally selected team that helps you with solution of your project. In this area we provide analysis, programming / application development, system maintenance, user-education and integration solutions. Using outsourcing your financial expenses should decrease. You outsource only if you have a problem to solve. You don’t have to pay many fulll-time IT specialized employees. Nowadays outsourcing is commonly used all over the world and seems to be a very satisfactory form of cooperation.

Design, Develompent and Maintanance

Do you need an application that is tailored to your business requirements? Do you have an existing system and need to redesign it or add some new features? We develop applications according to our client’s needs, provide assistance, maintenance and help with testing and delivering to product environment. By existing systems we can help you add more functionality. We also offer data-analysis, user‘s-error analysis and report design.

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